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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Certain things are not going to change. Me, for example. It took me like two days to decide which template I should choose for this blog. The indecisiveness is one of my unique qualities. There are other times, however, in which my confidence on a decision is surprisingly high.

Another thing that surprises me, is the fact that people actually view this blog. When I first begun I thought it was going to be me writing for an imaginary audience, apparently not. Although I haven't received any feedback, just seeing the amount of visits increase makes me happy.

I can't wait for summer to arrive, or at least a decent spring, because practically it's still winter. I'm craving an icy cold caramel frappuccino. But I can't have one because when I have cold drinks during cold weather, I tend to get sick easily. Anyway, I still haven't come up with a specific category for this blog yet, that's in case you're wondering. It's still just random thoughts of a wannabe photographer and writer. 

Is it possible to miss a place just because of it's clear blue skies and glowing sunsets?

*Disclaimer: the images on this post aren't mine.

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