Ok, so last week the new iPhones were released, both the 5C and 5S. This isn't a tech review by the way, I'm no expert in technology. However, I wanted to point a few things out, and what better way than to do that through this blog.

The iPhone 5C comes available in five different colors, similar to the Nokia Lumia and the HTC windows phone. Now Apple is getting criticized because of this, since they weren't the first ones on the market with that idea. However, must we recall that Apple has been manufacturing it's iPods (specially the nanos) in a variety of colors since their second generation in 2006. Now they're just implementing this in their phones. It's what the market wants, people demand colorful phones, that's what companies are going to start selling, regardless of the brand. 

I've also noticed how some people disapprove of this brand in general, they think it's supposed to be for snobs only because it creates a certain status. Part of that is true because the expenses of making Apple products aren't really that high, yet their prices are mostly unaffordable. The users basically pay for an experience rather than the product itself. As an Apple user, I do admit that the products and the brand have like a certain enchantment because they make it seem all so appealing and pulchritudinous. (I can't find a better word). In my case, I saw it as an investment because I've had really bad luck with technology involving other brands, I switched in order to avoid the trouble and repairs. Nonetheless, I still don't understand some people's mockery and sarcasm, there are so many phone manufacturers out there, get a grip. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Apple frenzy

I apologize for my lack of updates. When I had the free time, nothing would come to mind about what to write about. Now that I've been getting ideas, the semester started and I don't have that much leisure time any longer.

I downloaded this app called Afterlight. It's available in the Apples's App Store. I haven't checked if they have it for Androids. I found out about it while reading this blog. I've just fallen in love with this app and keep on editing random pictures (as you may see above). It becomes a bit addicting. Now I seriously have to start reading Pride & Prejudice. I had started but never finished. I actually have to do a psychological analysis for a school paper on one of it's main characters, I'm choosing Elizabeth. It's going to be quite interesting. There's not much to say besides that. I hope I can update soon. 

P.S. The jewelry from the picture was purchased in different stores/boutiques. I can't exactly remember, but the bracelet is from this brand

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Not enough time

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