Not enough time

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I apologize for my lack of updates. When I had the free time, nothing would come to mind about what to write about. Now that I've been getting ideas, the semester started and I don't have that much leisure time any longer.

I downloaded this app called Afterlight. It's available in the Apples's App Store. I haven't checked if they have it for Androids. I found out about it while reading this blog. I've just fallen in love with this app and keep on editing random pictures (as you may see above). It becomes a bit addicting. Now I seriously have to start reading Pride & Prejudice. I had started but never finished. I actually have to do a psychological analysis for a school paper on one of it's main characters, I'm choosing Elizabeth. It's going to be quite interesting. There's not much to say besides that. I hope I can update soon. 

P.S. The jewelry from the picture was purchased in different stores/boutiques. I can't exactly remember, but the bracelet is from this brand

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