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Monday, January 27, 2014

I hadn't noticed how many Maybelline products I own until recently. Those shown above are just a few. Besides the fact that it's the easiest brand to find around here, I must admit, the products are pretty good. At first, I have hesitant about buying the Dream Bouncy cream blush. Because of it's texture, I thought it would be oily and cause me break-outs. But it actually didn't, plus it leaves a nice and natural shimmer. Also, I've replaced my foundation with BB creme. I know it doesn't give the same coverage nor does it have the same finish, but since I like to keep it natural and let my pores breathe, the BB creme suits me perfectly. However, I'd like to try out other brands and compare. Finally, the matte powder really leaves you're skin matte. And it feels light on the skin.

I think this is my first "makeup review" type of post. I'll try to make more of these throughout this year. I know I wasn't too detailed. Mainly because I never have much to say lol. Anyway, the picture below was also taken by me. Pretty awesome view at the art school I've been attending to recently.

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