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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Perhaps I should starting posting at least two entries per month. Even though I like the idea of maintaining my blog updated, I lack the free time. Or perhaps I'm just not organized enough. Anyway, I haven't shared any songs lately. The other day I heard "Salty sweet" by Ms Mr, while watching Pretty Little Liars. (I'm still on the third season, don't judge). I thought it was catchy, so why not post it here?

Anyway, I think I previously mentioned that I was going to start reading "The house at Riverton" by Kate Morton. I'm almost half-way through the book. Before reading it, I looked for reviews. Some people didn't like this book as much as "The forgotten garden".  But I must disagree, well...it's not that I think "The house  at Riverton" is better. I simply like both. I really enjoy this author's style, once I'm finished with this one I will probably buy another one of her books. But before that, I have three more books to read. Yes, the list just got a bit longer. I'll try to read more this year, seriously.

I took the picture above yesterday when I went to the beach. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but I'm obsessed with sunsets (and sunrises as well). I've been chasing sunsets since '08, when I began to notice how much I liked photography. Can't stop, won't stop. Maybe one day, I'll make a collage of all the sunset pictures I have. 

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