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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Where to begin? I started reading Divergent a couple of weeks ago, but my reading has been delayed because of school work, you know, the typical. Having barely enough hours in a day, lack of sleep and struggling to make myself look presentable each morning. College can seriously cause unhealthy eating habits. Yet, I've been trying to go for a run at least three times a week, but recently mishaps keep coming up, so I've been running only twice a week. Not good, I must admit. And my lack of schedule organization has been reflected in my room. It's been quite disorganized (well, for me at least, some people would consider it organized) and that visual mess affects the moods we have, and it also increase stress because it's a distraction that stops you from getting the work done. (Interesting article here). So by the looks of it, this post is going to be exactly about that: tips on keeping things organized. They're pretty obvious, but still, just something I wanted to share.

1. Storage bins: they come in different colors, shapes and sizes. Some are plain and functional, others are decorative. But they all have the same purpose: containing miscellaneous objects that you don't want laying around your room, work desk area or they can perfectly fit inside your closet.


2. Labels: We often forget what we put away, hence labeling helps tons. Sometimes we find boxes in the back of our closet and we have to open them in order to find out what's inside. But with labels, that won't be necessary. 

3. Jewelry box and holders: It's just basic, it prevents from losing earrings, rings or getting bracelets and necklaces tangled up. Plus they're pretty, so they're also decorative.

4. Candles: Ok, so having or not having candles in your room won't make it more organized. However, they will help you relax since the smell is one of the senses that can influence brain activity and therefore make you feel more concentrated and relaxed. (Interesting article here). 


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