10 more days

Monday, July 21, 2014

Only 10 days until the trip! I haven't started packing yet (shame on me) but I basically have everything I need. I did some shopping and here are some of the items I bought:  

1. Bag on left: Lounge
2: Iphone case: Lounge
3. Bag on the right: Amphora

1. Maybelline Color Show (left): Orange Fix
2. Maybelline Color Show (right): Crushed Candy
3. Mascara: Natura Aquarela 

Moreover, to be honest, I stopped reading Divergent. Even though I enjoyed the movie very much, I find the book a bit slow, or maybe it's just a wrong impression. That doesn't mean that I won't finish it, however, I'm not sure if it's going to be any time soon. That's what I tend to do with books that don't truly captivate me, I finish reading them during a prolonged period. However, I am reading a psychology book by Walter Riso titled "SabidurĂ­a Emocional" (which means Emotional Wisdom). I'm not sure if there is a translated version in English, but if by any chance you can read in Spanish, I totally recommend it! It explains different types of personality: A, B and C. It helps you get to know yourself better and put things in perspective. 

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