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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Life certainly is beautiful. However, I failed miserably to update frequently. I am so sorry, I know I promised that I would make a third post. Yet here I am, writing again. The trip was 20 days long. We first arrived at Madrid, then went to Seville, visited Cordoba, and finally left for Barcelona to get on the cruise ship. While on the cruise, the stops were: Marseille, Cannes, Pisa, Rome and Naples, but we only got off in three. Otherwise we would've been too busy on tours and wouldn't have enjoyed the ship (that has everything inside!).

Liberty of the Seas, from the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

A brief collage of the places we went to. Some of these images were taken with my iPhone while others with my camera Canon Rebel T3i.

Seeing new places, eating different foods, being in contact with cultures different from your own-- it was all an enriching experience that I am gladly thankful for. It was a bit exhausting trying to see so many places within a short period of time, but it was worth it. I must say that my favorite of all was Seville, probably because part of my family is from there. The antique structures really caught my attention, it was inevitable to wonder how life was centuries ago. The place that most surprised me was Monaco and Montecarlo, so many exclusive boutiques and expensive cars within a small area was quite impressive. And finally, the place that I want to go back because of it's long history is Rome, the 9 hour tour was certainly not enough.

Besides the tourism, of course I did some shopping! While in Madrid I went for the first time to an H&M. I really do hope the brand comes here to Lima, just like Forever 21 is doing. I'll have a haul on my next post, though I'm not exactly sure when that will be, next week probably. There's a long semester ahead of me, can't wait until December. That would be all for today!

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