Thursday, October 30, 2014

Just thought it'd be interesting to share some history: Halloween is a contraction for All Hallow Evens that means the day before All Hallows Day (now known as All Saints Day), a Catholic holiday that commemorates saints. It's said that on October 31st, the Allhallowtide triduum initiates. Also, it's associated to Celtic pagan harvest festivals that celebrated the end of summer and beginning of winter. In the middle ages, people would do bonfires and go door-to-door offering prayers.

Nowadays, Halloween is completely separate from religious influence, and it has become known world-wide thanks to the globalized market exchange. Even though (as I have mentioned previously) there's no Halloween spirit in the city where I'm currently living, it will always remain as one of my favorite holidays. Maybe it's because of the cinematic productions or marketing campaigns, but it's almost inevitable to feel the mysticism that surrounds the transition from autumn to winter. It matches perfectly the eerie and mysterious decorations that are exhibited this time of year.

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