The more expensive the better?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Certainly not. I started using eye creams not too long ago. Before I used to think that all eye creams were only for anti-aging. But then thankfully I came across various Youtubers (such as Missglamorazzi) and learned that some eye creams were for hydration. So my entrance to this world of eye contour care began with my purchase of the MAC Mineralized Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream. At first I thought it was amazing, it did it's job but I had nothing to compare it with since it was the first time I used a product like this. Then while I was in Europe, I bought the Aloe Eye Defense Cream from Body Shop and tried it out and it worked even better than the MAC. A few weeks ago I was looking through the Esika Catalogue (it's a cosmetics brand that is widely known in Latin America) and I saw that they had an offer on an eye gel. I decided to order it. I tried it out as soon as I got it, and guess what? It works fantastically, just as good as the Body Shop. I made a little comparison below, with the prices listed**.

They all contain 15ml.
The Body Shop // Ésika * //MAC Cosmetics
* I wasn't able to find the product page for Ésika, but that's their official website.
**These are the prices I payed for in US dollars. They may have changed. 
And once again, with this we can learn that a high price and well known brand does not always determine the quality of a product. However, there's a famous phrase in Spanish that says "lo barato sale caro" meaning that what's cheap turns out being expensive, because you may have to repair it or buy another product that replaces it, and the sum of the costs are higher than the price you initially payed. In my opinion, it's a combination of luck and the information you search for before making a purchase. Plus, it may also depend on the type of product you're buying. Some require investment while others not so much.

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