Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hello there! I can't believe January has passed by so fast. Where does time go, seriously? Well, I changed the theme of my blog, even though there's a broken image or link that appears at the end of every post and it bothers me, I have no idea how to remove it. So I'll probably continue looking for new themes. Anyway, I was about to make a terrible decision: stop blogging. It had crossed my mind many times previously, but in the end I decided to stay. Perhaps this blog will later become more photography-like. I'm still not sure about which direction should be taken. I'll try to update at least twice a month, just as I have done these past two years. (Whoa, two years! This is the longest time I've had a blog lol.) Well, it's actually turning 3. I'll probably do a special post about it when the date arrives. 

Lately, I haven't been doing much. And yes, I admit it's totally bad, I could be using my time more wisely. I've been doing morning workouts, spending time with my boyfriend and catching up with a couple of friends. I also enrolled in a course called "Photo Publicity", which is basically a photography class focused on well, publicity. Our first assignment was photographing a fruit or vegetable. I tried with both and I think these were my best pictures. However, I didn't turn these in because these were used with a slower speed and higher ISO than the ones indicated by the teacher. I'm considering buying a speedlight, but I'm not sure if it's actually worth it. First of all, it's a bit expensive here, and secondly, photography is my hobby not my profession. I used a Canon Rebel T3i, and a 50mm lens, just in case you're wondering. 

So I'll start thinking about what subjects to write about in this blog. I was also thinking about changing the name, but I'm still not sure. However, my main goal as for my blog this year is to only posts images taken by me, using my Canon camera and not my phone. I really want to take up photography again, even after I'm done with the course I'm currently taking. Before, I used to always take pictures and it felt great. I really want that back. That would be all for today! 

*All images taken by me

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