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Friday, January 30, 2015

So for Christmas I got an Instax Mini 8. I haven't taken many pictures with it, just the one you see above. A tip to keep in mind: never take pictures with these cameras when it's dark outside. I didn't know any better and about three weeks ago, I was walking with my boyfriend at a park that has a view of the ocean. It looked stunning with the moon in the sky, and I wanted to capture it. Since I had my Instax Mini with me, I thought, hey why not? Well, the picture came out completely black, except a small corner in the lower left corner, were a bit of grass was visible. That's how I learned. 

Also, I did my nails. I haven't gotten a manicure at a salon in like six months or so. I decided that it was best doing manis at home, less expensive and more time saving. I'm no expert in nail designs, but I try. In order to achieve this look, I used the following nail polishes: 

1. Unique Prolong Color in Azul Infinito
2. Maybelline's Color Show in Denim Dash
3. Maybelline's Color Show in Pedal to the Metal
4. Unique Prolong Color in Blanco Nieve
The first polish I applied #1 and on top #2. That's what gave it a shimmery effect, because polish #1 on it's own is pretty dark. On the ring finger I made small dots using 3 and 4. On my thumb I made a diagonal line with #3, even though it didn't come out in the picture. And obviously, never forget to apply base coat and top coat, it's super important! It happened to me last year that I would only use top coat and never the base coat. I was really into dark colors at that time (now I vary more often lol) and after a couple of months of constant nail painting, my nails ended up yellow-ish. It was awful, I had to go for like a month without any nail polish in order to get the natural color back. Ever since, the base coast has been my best ally. 

*All images taken by me. Third image was edited using Rhonna Designs

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