February Favorites

Saturday, February 28, 2015

So my favorites for this month are a bit random. Here they are:

1. Quinoa Flakes: I only found the chocolate flavored ones, but they taste to good! I pour them in a cup of milk in the mornings. 
2. Chai Latte: I had been wanting to try this for a while. At first I was doubtful because tea and milk seem a bit of a rare combination. But it's amazing, I'll definitely buy some more. 

3. Order & Chaos: Ok, so I normally don't play games, and when I do, it's solitaire or perhaps Angry Birds. However, my boyfriend go me into downloading this game and guess what? I've gotten really into it lol. The screenshot is from a few weeks ago, I'm already in level 32 and won't stop until I purchase my own panda pet. 

4. Unique nail polishes: in Tangerine and Aquarium. These have a sweet scent and the colors are really bright, making them perfect for summer. 

*All images taken by me

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