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Thursday, July 9, 2015

 Well, I know so far in this blog I haven't talked about movies or TV shows. But I just wanted to share my opinion about A from Pretty Little Liars. (If you don't watch PLL, you don't have to continue reading). Some of my friends have stopped watching PLL altogether because the situations in the show have gotten too twisted and confused, sometimes making barely any sense. But I'm way too curious to stop watching the show. I'm still on season 4, the fifth season isn't up yet on Netflix for Latin America, so I just have to be patient. I might be missing out on some details, but Aria being A seems like a legit possibility. Right now, I'm in episode 20 of season 4, and it all seems to indicate that Ezra is A. Who knows, maybe Aria and Ezra started working together ever since they met. In the book series, it turns out it was Ali's evil twin all long. I think the TV show will definitely take a different direction, the evil twin thing would make it too predictable. All we know is that A has to be one or a few of the characters that have at some point been in the show -- perhaps they've taken turns as A.

pretty little liars ending

I've watched many mystery and suspense movies to know that sometimes the endings can be totally messed up and unexpected. I'm not here trying to give my theory of who A could be. I seriously have no idea. But I just thought I'd share what my ideal ending would be like.

It would date back to the day that Alison Dilaurentis supposedly went missing. By then, Ali had already been receiving threats from A all summer long, and she was hoping to get help from her friends by telling them about the situation. That night while the girls were sleeping, Ali went for a walk to freshen up her mind since she was worried about what A might do to her. When she returned, the cabin was on fire. Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily died, making Ali the only survivor. At first the police suspected it was Ali that caused the fire, since she was the only one there besides the victims, and was charged with murder. However, since she was too shocked by the loss of her best friends, she ended up at Radley. That is when she starts imagining that A had kidnapped her instead (which had been the last threat she'd gotten before the night of the fire), escaping and faking her death afterwards, and that her friends never actually died. This was because she was still in denial and couldn't accept what had happened. The doctors soon diagnosed her with schizophrenia. Due to her mental illness, the police couldn't continue questioning her, which caused the investigation to pause. Though not completely distanced from reality, Ali was still receiving messages from A and was very well aware of it. She was partly telling the truth when warning doctors and workers that someone was after her, but due to her diagnosis, no one would believe her.

  pretty little liars ending 

So in my ending, basically the whole show is what Ali imagined and A is still unknown. But that adds up to the whole mystery doesn't it? Either way, I'm looking forward to the season finale, when A's identity is finally revealed! Who doesn't want to know who A is? P.S. I'm aware that in order for my version to make sense, more details are needed. But you kinda get the general idea. And this is simply how I would like the show to end.  

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