Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hello there! The other day I tried for the first time one of those detox drinks. I had been dying to try this for a while, ever since I saw so many pictures of these drinks on Tumblr. I used strawberries and lemons (it was all I had at the moment) and I totally recommend it! It's quick to prepare and it's so much better than drinking plain water. In a few days I'll buy some raspberries and oranges, and hopefully I'll be able to find blueberries (which are kinda scarce here in Peru --sucks, I know.)

Also, I've been reading "Vintage: A Novel" by Susan Gloss. I'm almost finished, I'll post up a review as soon as I'm done. And last but not least, here is a picture of some colorful flowers my mom bought the other day. Have a nice weekend!


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