Searching for the bright side

Sunday, October 18, 2015

So I just finished midterms yesterday. It feels so strange actually having a Sunday all for myself, no assignments or homework to catch up with, no due dates for this week (as far as I'm concerned). Finally being able to relax and take a small break right in the middle of the semester. This second half will be more tiresome for me. Besides my regular school classes and work, next Sunday I'll be starting an intermediate Excel course at a different institution. It lasts for six weeks, sessions are once a week for four hours each. I know what you're thinking --why Sundays? It's the only days I have some spare time. So basically I won't have anymore "me time" until December. Gosh, I cannot wait 'til summer break. In the meantime I'm sharing this picture of some beautiful flowers my mom bought the other day. Have a nice day!


  1. Beautiful flowers! Looks like you deserve them after finishing midterms. Best of luck with the second half of the semester!


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