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Sunday, November 15, 2015

La Luna Vita Blog Photography

Another super quick post. My life is pretty hectic. I can keep things balanced, except for the blog it seems. I have ideas on subjects to write about. I really want to share a review on some beauty products I've been loving lately. But guess what? I don't have the time. I want to take good shots of the products and take the time to write a consistent review, not just a superficial, one-sentenced opinion. In the meantime, here I share a picture I took from my phone the other day. It was taken with the frontal camera, just when I was about to take a selfie I noticed the view behind me. Of course I edited using VSCO app. Just about three more weeks until the stressful days are over!

P.S. The tragedy that happened in Paris is still so hard to believe. It's outrageous how this terrorist group can simply kill innocent people without any sensitivity. I still don't comprehend their logic, nor do I think I will ever be able to. They base their actions on religious beliefs. About twenty years ago, my country went through terrorism that lasted about a decade, and it was based on political points of views. Humans are the only species willingly planning to eliminate their own. Even dogs are more humanitarian (if that makes any sense). Such a shame.

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