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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hello there! Since I'm going on a small trip not too far away from the city, I'd thought it'd be good share what I'll be taking. The image above shows partially what I'll be taking in my handbag, which is actually a small backpack (left). But I'm also taking luggage, it might sound a bit exaggerated, considering that I'll only be there for five days. However, since I'll be spending New Year's there with my special one, I'm taking extra stuff for the special occasion.
First off, summer is just getting started here in the southern hemisphere, so here's a list of my must-haves:
  • Sunblock: I never realized how important it was until this semester that I had to do class project on the communication strategy to raise awareness about skin cancer. Any trustworthy brand will do, I just happened to buy Nivea.
  • Sunglasses: And if were going to be protecting our skin, it's also very important to protect our eyes. I bought the sunglasses above just the other day. You can check it out here.
  • Lip balm: Baby Lips by Maybelline, plus it has SPF on it.
  • Instax Mini 8: I got this one last Christmas, haven't used it much, but this trip totally requieres it.
  • Accessories: I'll be taking bracelets, a statement necklace, normal necklaces and a couple of earrings to mix and match.
  • Backpack: I got this one for Christmas. It looks light brown in the picture but it's actually a mixture between beige and rose gold. You can see it in their website here, although they only have brown available.
  • Make-up bag: I'm not going to get into detail, otherwise this will become a super long post. But what I'm taking is a primer, liquid base, setting powder, blush, eyeshadows, three lipsticks and one lipgloss.

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