A walk down Memory Lane

Friday, August 5, 2016

Hialeah Gardens
I came across these photos unexpectedly  the other day when I found some old CD's. Nowadays, who even uses discs as storage? I need to transfer these before CD's become obsolete. It was inevitable to feel nostalgic. When I started this blog, it was a topic I would bring up constantly --lately I haven't mentioned it. Up until early 2009, I used to live in south Florida. Then, my parents gave me the news that we'd be moving back to Peru. After ten years, Florida was certainly the place I called home. And at that moment, just as any regular fifteen year old, it was shocking and hard to take in. 

Seven years later, I look back and I'm thankful for how things turned out. Life in Peru is completely different, but we all have to adapt to the circumstances. I believe everything happens for a reason. Late 2008 was when I started to get interested in photography --hence these pictures. (By the way, they don't have any filters, I simply adjusted the brightness and contrast). Do I want to go back? Yes, to visit definitely! Warm humid weather, the smell of rain and the tropical feels. There are many aspects that somehow have become a part of me I cannot let go of. But Peru is also my home. Not to mention my case of wanderlust.

The places we go to, the people we meet and the things we learn along the way help define us. We all have little bits of memories within us, making us incredible and unique creatures. 

Downtown Miami

Dania Beach


  1. wow you're so lucky to have been able to live in Peru! Although you want to go back to Florida, don't take the experience for granted! I moved from England to America when I was 6 and wanted to move back to England the whole time I was in the US! Now I'm back in England and I wish to be back in America so much more. Moving around can be a pain but it gives us amazing experiences! Beautiful pictures and this was such a lovely well written post to read x

    |Georgia Megan|

  2. Thank you so much! Yes, moving countries can be troublesome, but in the end the experiences are worth it :)

  3. What a lovely post =o) Whenever I am cleaning out my closet I always find unexpected memories =o)



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