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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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Hi there! So I recently purchased a few makeup products. I tend not to splurge so much on makeup. Once I find products I like, I use them up and repurchase them. And in mi opinion, some drugstore brands are as good as some high end or department store brands. I was initially going to buy an Urban Decay palette (they finally arrived to Peru recently!), but then I came across this one that looked a bit similar and for a cheaper price. 

So these are the products I purchased:
  • Natura eyeshadow palette in color Classic: I used them the other day for a daytime look. I combined three of the shades and they turned out lovely. Not to mention, they actually lasted quite long. Worth the purchase.
  • Unique Semi-Matte lipstick in color Red Elegance: I already owned the same exact lipstick in color Almond and I really liked it. The finish is not completely matte, but it lasts long and does not dry out the lips. Perfect for everyday use. Although I have to admit, the red was a little too bright for my taste once I tried it on.
  • Maybelline Line Express Eyeliner: I was in the need of a new eyeliner because I ran out of my previous one. I bought this one in the color Brownish Black. I liked how it has a creamy consistency, but the duration is average since it's not waterproof. 
I'll try my best to buy the Urban Decay palette and the NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick to see what the hype is all about.  That would be all for now! 

Makeup La Luna Vita

Makeup La Luna Vita

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