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Sunday, September 25, 2016

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March 2016
I was honestly expecting to blog more this month, but September has passed by faster than expected. The thing about time is that it cannot be stopped or prolonged. One day passes by after another, and without notice the week is basically over. But is only the human that is consciously aware of time and the side effects of procrastination. We're constantly living our lives based on the amount of things getting done within the least possible amount of time. What ever happened to pausing and looking around for a while? What's the point of speeding if you're going on the wrong direction?

These are just ramblings, so you can ignore this post altogether. But I'm taking a course on Photography and Psychoanalysis which induces the participants to be constantly questioning things. That's when I came across a quote by a photographer, Todd Hido: 

"I believe that all those signs from your past and all those feelings and memories certainly come together, often subconsciously, and form some kind of a fragmented narrative. Often you're telling your own story but you may not even know it."

Photography is a way of freezing time to an exact moment. The people and places might change, but what was captured will remain --forever.

La Luna Vita Photography Blog
March 2016


  1. I love that quote by Todd Hido! It's so true and I think it's such a cool idea to think we're writing our own story, as if it was a book! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  2. Your photographs are beautiful! The course you are taking sounds really intriguing! Hope you share some more with us on what you learn!


  3. I agree! And what intrigues me the most is that we often do it unaware.


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