Sunday, October 2, 2016

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Hello there! So a quick update on my hair transformation. I finally decided to color it! It's the first time I've gotten my hair dyed from roots to tips. The last time I made any changes was last year when I decided to go for the ombre look. At first I really liked it, but with the washes my tips got too brassy. Not to mention, the whole bleaching process really damaged my hair and completely changed the texture of it. Before it would never get tangled, and after that my hair became thin and prone to tangling. I was initially waiting to grow it out completely before making any other changes. But with my graduation coming up, I felt like it was a good moment to go for something different. I was aiming for something a bit deeper-chocolate tone. But once I was at the hair salon, I chose a lighter shade, which turned out to be more like a chestnut brown. Either way I liked how it came out. I'm still getting used to it though. 

P.S. The pictures were taken under sunlight which causes my hair to look a bit more saturated than it actually is.

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