Life lately: Graduation

Thursday, October 20, 2016

La Luna Vita

So I’m excited to announce that I have officially graduated and have obtained my bachelor’s degree in Consumer Psychology. It’s surreal how fast time has passed. I feel like if it were just yesterday that I got accepted. I certainly did not know what to expect in my freshman year. The late night study sessions and befriending coffee in its’ different forms and variations. I even switched majors at the end of the first year, I was initially in Business Management & Marketing. But I soon realized that management was certainly not for me. That’s when I discovered and quickly feel in love with my new major. It has been quite a journey, filled with so many ups and downs. Without persistence and the support from my loved ones this wouldn’t have been possible. Now, we’ll see what happens next!  

P.S. I’m working on some upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

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