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Saturday, November 5, 2016

La Luna Vita DIY

Hello there! Today's post is a quick and simple DIY. Has it ever happened that you had a decorative item, yet you felt it was missing something? That's what happened with these fake flowers I bought a while ago. I liked the flowers, but I didn't like the vases they came with. I was always thinking about buying new vases, but it was hard finding any that could fit them adequately. Afterwards, one day while wandering through Pinterest, I came across different DIYs that involved spray paint. So I thought, why not give it a try? And I'm glad I did! It made such a difference. 

All you will need is, well -- spray paint. Kind of obvious. You can choose any color of your preference. I bought two shades: gold and copper. But silver would also look nice. I recommend metallic paint because it gives it a nice finish.

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However, keep in mind one thing: the process is a bit messy. I advise to spray it outdoors if possible, or near a door or window to keep the smell out of your home. Also, use old newspapers below the objects so you don't have to scrub off the paint later. I painted several layers in order for it to be even. It dries quite fast, on the can it states between 15 or 20 minutes. But if would be better if you could wait half an hour.

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And violĂ ! The new colors on the vases really enhance the flowers. You can try it with wood or plastic. On other materials it might take a bit longer to dry.  That would be all for now, until next time!

La Luna Vita Lifestyle Blog
Final result

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