Why I stopped using Color Story and went back to VSCO Cam

Thursday, December 1, 2016

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Filter: G3 / Filter Intensity: +7 / Brightness: +2 / Contrast: +1

Hello! Several of months ago I made a post on How I Edit My Pictures, explaining that I used two apps: Color Story and VSCO Cam. I mostly wrote about Color Story, an app I had just downloaded and had quickly fallen in love with. But it took a couple of months for me to figure out that the app was not for me.

Although don’t have a consistent Instagram “theme”, I do like to enhance my photographs in order for them to look good together. I’m not afraid of colorful or dark pictures. My intention isn’t for my pictures to be all white and magazine-like. I’m not a professional, but photography has been my favorite hobby since I was 15, which is why I love using Instagram so much. 

La Luna Vita
Filter: C2 / Filter Intensity: +2 / Brightness: +2 / Contrast: +1

Now, returning to the main subject, I did not like the overall result of using Color Story on my pictures. Besides lowering the quality and causing graining, I noticed that the filters worked best with white backgrounds. They certainly make colorful elements pop. However, most of my pictures were not taken with a white background, and I didn’t want them to appear over-saturated. That’s when I rediscovered VSCO Cam’s magic. 

La Luna Vita
Filter: A6 / Filter intensity: +6 / Brightness: +2 / Contrast: +1

The filters I currently use the most are: A6, C1, C2, HB1 and HB2. I occasionally use G3 for flower pictures, since I don't like purple, it gives the image peachy tones. The filter I use will depend on the lightning and objects within the image. What has also helped me is an app called Snug, which allows you to preview your Instagram feed before uploading any pictures.

So what's your favorite editing app? Let me know in the comments below!

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