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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hello there! So today I will be writing about why I gave up on agendas/planners and will give bullet journaling a try. Sure, we live in a digital era were there are multiple options to keep a list of tasks to get done, from your phone to Google Calendar and many other websites offering the same service. However, there a few things in which I'm very old school about, such as books and stationary (I'm sorry dear trees). 

Now, why did I quit using an agenda? The answer is quite simple. I didn't actually used it, except for keeping track of my deadlines of school assignments. I used my 2016 agenda up to July, when I finally finished my last semester. Then August came by and I soon forgot I even had an agenda at all, getting lost in my bookshelf until December came along. As soon as I got a glimpse of it, I opened it and thought to myself what a waste of paper! So I decided that this could not happen again on 2017.

Parallel to my previous agendas, I've always kept a small notebook were I wrote down random ideas that came to mind, pertaining various subjects including the blog. Why not combine both a planner and an idea journal into just one notebook? You see, my intention is not to follow the bullet journal exactly as it's described. I'm making it more personalized, since bullet journaling has so many rules that end up confusing me even more.

So what will you need?
  • A new notebook (preferably with blank pages)
  • Different colored pens
  • Washi tape
  • Your imagination
I placed a few small sticky notes to the back of the cover, so I can use them at any given time without having to carry them separately. On the first blank page I wrote my favorite quote from Alice in Wonderland that talks about time --since the intention of this journal is to be used entirely, regardless of how long it takes, whether it's six months or two years. Then it's divided in the following manner:
  • A legend similar to the bullet journal system so it helps to stay more organized
  • Monthly summary with the list of the dates, just to point of the most important events
  • Title of each day with the to-do list beneath it
Towards the end of the notebook, there's a washi tape that divides new section. That one isn't really titled or anything, I simply write down random ideas in bullet form.

So that would be all for now! Sorry for the long post. Hopefully this will be helpful to some of you :)

“Alice: How long is forever?  White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.”

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