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Saturday, March 11, 2017

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Hi there! Today I will be sharing my daily go-to makeup routine.  As much as I love makeup, I don't go full out on daily bases. So you won't find anything fancy. I like to keep things simple --I firmly believe that sometimes less is more, hence allowing my skin to breathe. 

I start off with the foundation or BB Cream. Before that, I apply facial sunscreen and let it dry for a few minutes. On occasions use liquid foundation (Maybelline Super Stay Foundation), but that happens mostly when I'm breaking out during *that* time of the month. Otherwise, I will use The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream. It's the only BB cream that I've tried so far that actually has good coverage. 

La Luna Vita Blog

Next, I'll apply the Dream Wonder Powder (also by Maybelline). I was previously using Maybelline's Pure Makeup Powder, but it wasn't a good product --barely had any coverage, the only thing good about it was that it prevented shine. Instead of switching brands, I chose a different line. The Dream Wonder is literally a dream. It has great coverage on it's own and it's texture is really soft. I apply it with a brush, I never really use the sponges that come with these products. I feel that with a brush, you have more control over the amount of product you're applying. 

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As for eyes, as much as I wake up every morning with the desire to do subtle cat-eye/wings, laziness beats me and I end up going for something more simple. I always begin with eyeshadow, I go for nude or soft earthy tones. From the Smokey Eyeshadow palette by H&M, I use the first two shades from the left. I often combine them with Avon's Cream Eyeshadow in the color Enduring Rose. I finish it off by underlining my lower lids with a pencil eyeliner from Maybelline Line Express Eyeliner.  

La Luna Vita Blog

As you may have noticed, there's something missing: mascara. I have a confession to make -- I don't wear mascara everyday, only on weekends or certain occasions. I stopped applying it on a daily basis about a year ago. Why? Because my eyelashes tend to fall off quite easily, and to be honest, I'm scared that I'll end up with little to zero eyelashes. Has this happened to any of you? If so, how did you resolve this issue? Feel free to share in the comments below. 

That would be all for now! 

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