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Sunday, March 19, 2017

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So today I’ll be discussing about life and one if it’s major events if you’re in university/college: graduation. I graduated and obtained my bachelor’s back in October, six months have passed -- and as usual, time always seems to have a faster pace than us. I was fortunate enough to study a career I enjoy and land a job in a related area. I realized however, that even though things seem to have turned out well, it doesn’t mean I have everything figured out.

I’m not sure if you remember the final scene from Finding Nemo. When all the fish get to escape the dentist’s office while he’s cleaning the tank. The fish are placed in separate plastic bags with water, and they roll out the window and land in the sea. They’re thrilled to have escaped! And the following question is: now what?

Let’s just say that’s how I felt in October and how I somewhat still feel today. As an adult I can state that many other adults don’t have it all figured it out either. The whole “adulting” process is no other than trial and error. Sure, the older a person is, the more they have learned from past experiences. As people age, *the majority* are less likely to make the same errors. But that doesn’t mean they always know what they’re doing or where they’re heading. (And I’m referring to life in general, not just professionally).

Life is filled with improvisation and goals serve more as street lamps to guide the way. Too many goals can be blinding because you won’t know which one to focus on. Not to mention, they can cause frustration, especially if they aren’t met because of circumstances that are out of your reach. No goals at all is like a completely dark path, where you won’t be able to discern if you’re trailing off into the woods or quicksand (just a metaphor). What I’m saying is that you need balance. Excess is generally negative, and if you’re thriving for euphoria, it will only result in an ephemeral moment.

As for me, what’s next? Getting a graduate’s degree/master’s of course. Although I’m still taking my time to decide in which area I want to get specialized on. What I do hope to do is to travel often, read all the books I possibly can (there’s so little time) and find my balance. I can distinguish from afar few street lamps lighting my way while leaving some behind. Taking each step at a time.

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