5 different uses of vaseline/petroleum jelly

Monday, May 1, 2017

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Hi there! Today I’ll be talking about vaseline and different ways of using it. To start off, what is vaseline? Also known as petroleum jelly, it derives from oil, which makes it unfriendly for the environment. According to this article I found in the Huffington Post, it can even be dangerous because some of its components can cause cancer if they aren’t adequately removed. Another interesting fact is that vaseline per se doesn’t actually hydrate the skin, rather it locks in moisture and consequently prevents dryness.

Regardless, I’ve recently started using it, and found that it does come in handy. Here are five ways it has worked for me, though in Pinterest you can find plenty more:

  1. Chapped lips: Yes, I know I just wrote that vaseline doesn’t really hydrate the skin. I still use my regular lip balm (Maybelline’s Baby Lips) but I apply a small amount of vaseline on my lips in the mornings while getting ready. I let it dry before applying lipstick. By doing this, I've noticed that my lips no longer get as chapped. 
  2. Cuticles: Before doing my nails, I apply a small amount on my cuticles, not for hydration, but to stop the nail polish from getting on my skin (since I tend to be slightly sloppy). It helps save time, since before I would have to clean my fingertips with nail polish remover and a cotton swab.
  3. Dry elbows and ankles: Moisturizing body cream wasn’t enough. This summer, for some reason, my left elbow got super dried and no matter if I applied body lotion everyday, I wouldn’t see any results. That is, until I applied vaseline. It took only a few days to notice the different.
  4. Brushing eyebrows: Sometimes my eyebrows get a bit rebellious and found that vaseline was a great alternative for gel. 
  5.  Wounds: A few weeks ago, while preparing a tortilla, I got a tiny oil burn on my index finger. Vaseline made the swelling go away after a couple of uses.

I'm pretty sure there are many more ways of using vaseline, I'll keep on experimenting! That's all for now :) 

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