5 Benefits of Journaling

Sunday, July 9, 2017

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I recall keeping a journal/diary as early as the age of six (I got it as a birthday present). To be honest, I’ve actually kept all the journals I’ve used throughout the years. Of course back then my handwriting was horrible, I misspelled almost everything and I’d write about unamusing events like “June 14, 2000: Today I went to the mall.” Still, it became a habit that stuck with me ever since. One of the things I’ve grown fond of is rereading my entries after months or years. I’ve found it both entertaining and bewildering -- realizing on many occasions that I’ve overreacted about little things, the type of things that wouldn’t make me upset now.

Journaling has helped me in different ways. What I’ve noticed is it’s been most effective when using notebook and pen. I’ve tried online journaling, there are great sites such as Penzu, but I rather stick to the old-school version. There’s nothing more freeing than being able to scribble your thoughts, not limiting it to words but also illustrations. (I’m sorry trees).

Here are 5 benefits that I’ve found in journaling:

  1. Know yourself better: By writing down about what’s been bothering or bringing you joy, you’ll be able to detect patterns in your emotions and behaviors. Must emphasize though that in order to for this to work, it doesn’t rely solely on writing but also taking your time to read it later.
  2. Ramble without hesitation: As an introvert, I’m naturally a reserved person. On occasions I do vent with those who are closest to me. But there are times when I simply don’t want to bother anyone or the people I want to talk to don’t have time. That’s when your journal comes in handy, plus it won’t be judging you.
  3. Clear your mind: If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed because so many thoughts are crossing your mind, writing them down will help you think in a more linear way. Even if you don’t find a solution right away, you will feel much more relieved afterward.
  4. De-stress: This is rather a consequence of all of the above. By expressing yourself you’re releasing any tension that has been holding you back. Think of it like a mini-spa in a piece of paper.
  5. Creativity booster: Last but not least, I’ve realized that while writing I’ve come up with creative pieces, such as fiction, poetry and even blog post ideas. Although I rarely share these writings and I haven’t actually blogged all of the ideas that have occurred to me, keeping them in a notebook is like having an archive I can go back to anytime.

Have you tried journaling before? Let me know in the comments! 

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